The curriculum is accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs, in line with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Please click on the links below for more information on our curriculum.

Curriculum Overview: 

The National Curriculum is the root of our bespoke school curriculum. For full information about our Intent / Implementation / Impact please click on the curriculum statement below. 

Curriculum Statement

In our school we use an approach to teaching and learning called ‘Inclusive Quality First Teach’. Please click below for further information.  

Inclusive Quality First teach approach

Long Term Planning: 


New EYFS Long Term Planner


1. SHORT Long term assessment Y 1 2 cycle A

3. SHORT Long term assessment Y 3 4 cycle A.docx

4. SHORT Long term assessment Y 5 6 cycle A


1. Planning & Assessment Overview Y1 2 cycle B

2. Planning & Assessment Overview Y 3 4 cycle B

3. Planning & Assessment Overview Y 5 6 cycle B


Please click on the links below to gain a full understanding of our EYFS  Curriculum, how it’s organised, how we plan and the milestone expectations for each term. 

EYFS Deep Dive Overview full document Intent,

Implementation, Impact and Milestones

1. EYFS and KS1 NEW Home readers record sheet Phase 2 to 5

Early Years to Key Stage 1 Bridge

Subject Specific Information:


KS1 Reading Guidelines

KS2 Reading Guidelines

Reading Progression in skills (new EYFS framework)

Writing Progression in skills (new EYFS framework)


1. Maths Overview

2. Maths – Progression of skills overview chart

3. Maths Topic Overview whole school

4. example of block medium term planning – Y1 2

5. Example of block medium term planning- Y5 6

6. New EYFS maths yearly Overview

7. Termly coverage of topics – whole school

Maths calculations Policy 2022.


1. Science Overview (2)

2. Frequency of Skills Coverage

3. Progression of Skills (scientific enquiry)

3a. Science Progression of Skills- NC and KLIPS

4. Progression of Skills (scientific knowledge)

Example: 5. Y1 2 Assessment (cycle B)


Geography Overview

Curriculum Coverage, assessment and Progression Grid – Rising Stars

Example Year 3 Unit 3- Assessment –

Geography Progression of Skills and Knowledge Framework


History Overview

Curriculum Coverage, assessment and progression KS2

Example – Year 6 Unit 3- Assessment

Progression of Skills and Knowledge Framework

Example of Knowledge overview – Year 2


Computing Subject Overview

Computing Subject Overview.docx

Computing Progression of Skills (NC and outcomes only)

Computing Progression of Skills (cross referenced to Lancashire KLIPS)


Art Overview

Art – progress overview chart

ART Yrs 1-2 Example assessment grid Cycle B 

Example – Knowledge overview Art Year 3 –


Design Technology Overview

Progression in DT

Example – Key Assesment Opportunity Year 5 Bridges


MFL Overview

Progression in skills

Yr 3 & 4 EXAMPLE Key Assessment Overview Cycle B


Music Subject Overview Full document 2022

Music Progression in Skills

Fantastic Friday Musical Theatre Overview

 Musical Theatre Y1&2 Cycle A


PE – Overview



PSHE Overview

Progression in skills KLIPs and Dev Matters 

Progression in skills Coram Life Education SCARF 

Example of curriculum coverage and assessment PSHE Yr 5&6 Cycle B

Example of curriculum coverage and assessment PSHE Yr 1&2 Cycle A


RE Overview


Assessment is integral to high quality teaching and learning, it helps pupils to embed knowledge and use it fluently and assists teachers in producing clear next steps for pupils.  Assessment helps us to ensure that our teaching is appropriate and that learners are making expected progress.

Please Click the link below for further information as to the ‘ Assessment Processes at Singleton School.

Assessment Overview