Implemented ‐ September 2016


  • Class Teachers are responsible for the orderly dismissal of pupils from their classrooms.
  • Class Teachers must be sure that pupils’ leaving arrangements are SAFE.
  • Class Teachers will not allow children to leave with unknown persons, or other parents without prior knowledge of the arrangement.
  • Children in Years 5 & 6 will only be allowed to walk home alone with written permission from parents and agreement from school that it is appropriate and safe to do so.
  • Where changes to a child’s normal pattern of home time occurs, the school expects to be informed by the parent on or before the day.
  • Parents will drop off / collect children (or arrange for this to happen) punctually
  • Children not collected by 3.10 pm will be placed in Kids Club and parents contacted to inform them that their child is safe and there is no need to rush to collect as Kids Club is available until 5.30pm. (You will be charged)
  • Parents will collect children after extra – curricular (or arrange for this to happen) punctually – if parents are later than 4.25pm the children will be placed in Kids Club.
  • Please note the expectation is that parents collect on time unless there is an extenuating circumstance. Late collection is monitored. Regular late collection may result in school not allowing a child to attend a club.
  • If parents, contact school to inform school they have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams etc. their child /ren will be placed in Kids Club and kept safe until they arrive and there is no need to rush as Kids Club is available until 5.30pm


The SHE committee meet monthly and part of their role is to evaluate procedures and protocols. This year they have carried out observations, held discussion with staff, evaluated feedback from parental questionnaires and concerns raised throughout the year and as a result there were a number of findings.

  • Parents park on the yellow ZIG ZAG lines to drop off and collect – other parents and staff have expressed a high level of concern about this.
  • Some children are left unsupervised on school grounds prior to the doors opening at 8.45am.
  • A number of children are regularly late to school and this impacts on the learning of others. Both staff and parents are concerned about this.
  • A number of children are regularly picked up late – this has an impact on the staff who have responsibilities after school e.g. running out of clubs, have meetings to attend, staff training etc.
  • Some parents have asked if children can walk home alone.
  • A number of parents send other people to collect children without notifying school first.
  • The playground gates can be opened from the outside – posing a safeguarding risk

In light of all the information gathered the H&S committee decided that a few changes were necessary and that clear guidelines are needed.

The SHE committee were very concerned about parents parking on the ZIG ZAG lines and they now carry out regular monitoring. They have asked any parent who sees this happening to take the number plate of the car – or name of person if known and report to the school office. The H&S committee will then try to address the issue with parents involved and if they are unsuccessful they will involve the police.

The school gates in relation to safeguarding had been on the H&S agenda for a number of months. As they are also fire escapes, this added further complications. As you are aware we have hopefully now resolved the issue of being able to put your hand through to open the gates ‐ whilst ensuring that the gates are unlocked and can be used as fire escapes.

For all the other issued raised we have developed a Drop Off and Collection Policy.

The following are the Key Summary Points.

  • No child must be left unattended on the playground. The children are your responsibility until staff open the doors at 8.45am. If children are dropped off and left unsupervised they will be placed in Kids Club and parents will be billed accordingly.
  • All children must be in school by 8.55 am – Doors will be closed at this time and as parents it is your responsibility to be on time. The impact of lateness is not just on your children but on all the others in the class when lessons have to be stopped and the teacher has to go and explain to late children what they need to do.
  • Lateness will be monitored by the Attendance Officer and H&S committee and support will be given. However, parents who persistently drop children off late despite support from school will be referred to the County Attendance Team.
  • Staff will release children at 3pm from their respective doors to a responsible adult.
  • KS1 children will only be released to a sibling over 16 years of age.
  • KS2 children may be released to a sibling of secondary school age.
  • Children will not be released to any adult that is unknown to school or to another parent unless school has been notified in advance.
  • Whilst we recognise that there are occasions where parents are delayed through no fault of their own e.g. traffic jams etc. children that have not been collected by 3.10pm will be placed into Kids Club and parents charged accordingly unless there is an extenuating circumstance as school does not have the staffing in place to watch children that are picked up late.

(The H&S committee feel that this will reduce the stress and pressure on parents rushing to school as you know your child will be looked after safely until you can collect them. The H&S committee felt parents need to be aware that at 3pm all Teaching Assistants finish work and Teachers have a range of commitments – from meeting with parents, running extra‐curricular clubs, staff training, marking books attending meetings etc. They are not available after school to look after your children.

As a school we provide an after school facility that is available to look after your child if you cannot for whatever reason collect your child / children on time. This is why children at 3.10

pm will be placed in Kids Club where they will be cared for until your arrival.)

  • In Y5 / 6 parents can if they wish request that pupils walk to and from school. However, the LCC Legal Department advised that given the location of the school – there needs tobe some discussion and agreement with school as to whether the children can walk home safely. So in light of this, parents will need to apply to the H&S committee – who will look at each individual case. They will consider location of house from school, roads that will need to be crossed, any special needs the children might have, the time of the children leaving school – for example in the winter it is dark after extra‐curricular activities.
  • The school then requires written parental consent for their children in years 5 and 6 only to walk to and from school alone.
  • In the event of a child not being collected from school and school not being able to contact parents/ emergency contacts, after 60 mins the school will follow its child protection procedures and the police and social services will be informed.

The H&S and Safeguarding committee meet on a monthly basis and if you have any issues that you feel they need to be made aware of, they ask that you let school know via the office or put your points in a letter addressed to Keith Walker and post in the drop box.