At Singleton School, we strive to provide a well-rounded education for our children within a stimulating, fun learning environment. We believe that all children who become pupils at our school deserve the best ‘Christian Education’, and as such, we have the highest expectations of pupil attainment, teacher performance, governor performance, support staff performance and parental involvement.  We believe that every child should be given opportunities to thrive socially, emotionally, academically and physically. We encourage everyone to strive for excellence and to achieve the highest possible standards. The sky is the limit for our children.  We seek to inspire each other to have a ‘Growth Mindset’, learn to value difference, greatness, ambition and achievement of all kinds.  To belong to the Singleton School Family is an honour.  Each of us aspires to reach a potential, which is not limited, but supported through our ambitious curriculum, our Christian Values and which will truly enable us to embrace living our lives without limits.

As a school community, we are working together to:

  • To promote and secure limitless potential, through the development of a ‘Growth Mindset’, a commitment to high standards and expectations.
  • Enable every child to succeed as an independent, confident and enthusiastic learner.
  • Provide active, co-operative and independent learning through dynamic and high quality teaching
  • Create an atmosphere where each child is valued as an individual, enabling them to develop a positive self-image, self-discipline and respect for others.
  • Ensure equality of opportunity at all times, so that each child is given support and enrichment

We have produced a Growth Mindset information Booklet for parents. Please click the link below if you wish to know more about how you can support your child/ ren develop a growth mindset.