Hello and a very warm welcome to everyone!

Already the children have settled in well and are ready to go!

They have already started in their routines. Thank you for bringing them into the classroom promptly, please encourage them to hang up their up own coat and put their water bottles on top of the drawers.

Unfortunately for the next two weeks we have no fruit, so the children may bring in a piece of fruit to eat at break time. This is to be placed in their drawer.

At the beginning of the school year my aim is for the children to be happy and settled and to learn to make friends with one another. We have circle time every morning and everyone has the opportunity to speak and to share something with the class. If something lovely happens at home you may want to encourage your child to bring that to our circle time.

We spend a lot of time talking about sharing and caring. We focus on our Christian values, this half term the Christian Value is ‘Caring’.

We start on literacy and numeracy as soon as the children are ready and I will spend time with each child individually to assess where they are so that we have the correct starting point.

In phonics we think about the starting sound of an object and then move onto recognising initial sounds, starting with S.A.T.P.I.N. some children may be able to use these to sound out words. Please be extremely mindful that this is not a race and every child will have a different starting point and will learn at their own pace.

In numbers we count to 10. Order numbers to 10. Correspond the correct number of objects to 10 and begin to talk about more and less.

I will send reading books home shortly. These are to share! There is no expectation for the children to read at this point. But please encourage your child to share books with you and to recognise how enjoyable it is to look at pictures and to talk about them and to make up stories.

I will be running a workshop in October to talk through reading, writing and numeracy and how you can support your child.

There is also an informal parents evening in October, this will give you an opportunity to look at your child’s learning journey.

PE is on a Tuesday and this will be with a qualified PE coach supported by a member of school staff.

On a Monday afternoon Mrs Banbury works with the children and focuses on RE.

On a Friday the children spend the afternoon with Mrs Rund and have an ICT afternoon. Mrs Rund will be their teacher next year, so it provides them with super opportunity to get to know her.

Miss Henderson loves being outside with the children, therefore they get lots of opportunities for outside learning. We try to go into our “big” woods at every opportunity.

If you have any concerns please feel free to speak to me after the school day. (It can be very difficult in the morning when I am settling the children in) I look forward to a super year.

Karen Haigh