“Passion for Learning and Passion for Life”.

With God, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

At Singleton, we have four classes. Our children picked the names of the classes and the idea for names came from the saying:-

“From little Acorns great Oak trees grow.”

Welcome to Acorn Class.

Acorn Class is where our Foundation Stage children start their school life. Mrs Haigh is the Acorn class teacher and Mrs Lilley is the teaching assistant. Acorn class have a fantastic learning environment, they have a large interactive classroom and their outdoor environment includes an amazing woodland area.

Mrs Haigh is a very creative teacher and she plans such exciting activities that the children often think they are just playing. They dress up as explorers and find key words and numbers in the woods, they act out stories on the outdoor stage, they learn to count using marshmallows and then they toast them and eat them!

Mrs Haigh loves the outdoors and our children spend a lot of time outside, all the children in our Foundation class need a pair of wellies!

Mrs Haigh’s hobbies are walking and cycling and she particularly enjoys walking in the Lakes. She also loves travelling around Europe.

Mrs Lilley enjoys a challenge and enjoys activities such as ‘Go Ape’ and loves being in the outdoors. She also enjoys dressing up…. to promote a love of learning!