As a school we recognise that this could be a very confusing and anxious time for children who are off school/out of their usual routine and in the house a lot more than normal! Older children may also show more awareness of the current situation and find this scary and stressful too. Because of this we thought it would be nice to provide some links/ideas for supporting children’s health and well-being during this difficult time.

Please also remember:

  1. If home-learning- home isn’t meant to be school so just do your best and focus on making children feel safe, happy and secure 😊
  2. Where possible go outdoors into the garden (if you have one)
  3. EXERCISE! Joe Wicks 9am ‘PE with Joe’  lesson on youtube is a great start to the day: or maybe a social distanced walk around your local area- whatever your children enjoy!
  4. Eat well and involve children in the cooking process where possible
  5. Routine- especially at night in terms of reading/normal bedtimes etc. will offer comfort and a sense of routine
  6. Get dressed in the mornings before starting your day together
  7. Talk and listen to one anther (again older children may want to talk over the current issues)
  8. Be KIND to one another and yourself- this situation is new to all of us so never has #bekind been more important
  9. WE MISS YOU! We are all here for you whether that be by email/phone to offer support if needed

We think this is well summarised on:

Useful Info:

Each week we thought it would be fun to update some well-being activities for you to try…take a look:

Mindfulness Pack

Mindfulness Colouring Pack

See below for some fun tip and ideas to make quarantine fun for children:

Please see below some useful books to explain to children about the current situation:

Why not start a pen pal friendship to connect with current (or even make new!) friends! See pack below for lots of tips and ideas of how to start a pen pal friendship:

Web-pages and Links:

NEW Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria advice:

Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria also have a Well-being and Mental Health helpline that is now open 24/7 to help people deal with the implications of the coronavirus pandemic on their mental health.

If you need mental health support call: 0800 915 4640 or text ‘Hello’ to:  07862 022846  and there is more information at




Some great well-being apps:

We particularly recommend ‘headspace’ that can be used by the whole family; ‘relax melodies’ and ‘happy journal’ (an actual diary to record days events/thoughts and feelings.

FYI on SKY for older children who pose question about the weekly news- including to the Prime Minister!:
(25mundfulness activities for children)

5 mindfulness activities for children
Article and activities on mindful activities at home for kids during Coronavirus lockdown
Calmer children mindfulness ideas

Cosmic Yoga:

Dance Challenge