We are very fortunate at Singleton School to have a very strong FOSS team. Over the years our very pro-active group of parents have played a vital role in raising much needed additional funds to buy additional extras for the children that would otherwise be unavailable.

FOSS have purchased a wide range of resources for the children including :- ICT equipment, “Trim Trail,” Large P.E. equipment but to name a few. The funds raised also subsidise trips and enable us to provide curriculum enrichments such as theatre companies.

The Trim Trail is an example of equipment provided by FOSS

FOSS are currently busy raising funds to buy new books and furniture for our library. The activities organised by FOSS whilst mainly aimed at fund raising for school, do provide a valuable opportunity for the whole school to get together within a social context.

Extra help is always appreciated and all parents /carers are invited to become part of the FOSS team. However, we recognise that often parents want to become involved and support FOSS but don’t always have the time to support on a regular basis. In our school we appreciate any support, that may mean supporting with the organisation of just one event in the year, supporting by donating a prize or supporting by attending the event!