Below are some webpages/courses and guidance posters to support you having conversations with your child about online safety as well as hints and tips for ways in which you can make online learning, from home, more safe and secure.

To understand how we handle an eSafety incident in school, please read our eSafety Flow Charts.

Internet Safety HOME LEARNING Resources:

Children are using technology more than ever to facilitate learning and stay in touch with friends and family. We have as such added ‘Project Evolves’ and the National Online Safety Teams learning resources for you to take a look at.

Please click on the link and choose the most appropriate age group for your child. There are power-points to explain each topic as well as printable resources/ question prompts that you can use:

There is also free online safety course presented by Myleene Class:

Useful Posters:

Your child might find these links useful: