Welcome to Oak Class.

Oak class is our final class. This is where you will find our upper juniors – the Year 5 and Year 6 children. Mr Goostry is the class teacher and Mrs Banbury is the Teaching Assistant that supports in the class.

In Oak class, the children are encouraged to become members of our Junior leadership team. The children become ambassadors for our school and they are given many opportunities to represent our school and lead initiatives within school.

Mr Goostry is passionate about sport and he organises all the sporting activities and competitions for our school. He also enjoys maths and runs the X Factor time’s table competition each year.  Mr Goostry also takes the class on a residential trip each year to the Lakes and every two years they go to visit the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Goostry is the subject lead for P.E., History, Geography and numeracy. In his spare time, Mr Goostry enjoys playing football and camping.

Mrs Banbury is brilliant at Design Technology, (she is actually a qualified DT teacher) she takes control of DT in our school. As well as being the Teaching Assistant in Oak class Mrs Banbury is the HLTA in our school and she covers PPA time in the afternoon. Mrs Banbury enjoys travel and she runs youth groups at her local church.