Feel like a challenge?! Each week we will be setting new maths, STEM and different project based challenges for you to have a go at! Make sure you let us know how you get on!!

These following web-pages offer extra mathematical challenges to those of you that need them:

Challenges up to 11 Years old:


For over 11 Years old (Some tricky problems if you really need a challenge!):


Below are some STEM challenge ideas for you to complete:

James Dyson Foundation STEM challenges:


‘STEM Learning’ Remote Lessons:

Key Stage 1:


Key Stage 2:


Class 2:

Mastery Tasks- Year 3:

mastery tasks yr 3

Mastery Tasks- Year 4:

mastery tasks yr 4

Please see below free access to Abacus work books for additional maths tasks to support your child’s learning:

Access Year 1 Workbooks

Access Year 2 Textbook and Workbooks

Access Year 3 Textbooks

Access Year 4 Textbooks

Access Year 5 Textbooks

Access Year 6 Textbooks