Welcome to Beech Class

Beech class is a mixed age class for our Year 1 and year 2 Children.

Mrs Marshall is our Beech Class Teacher.

Mrs Marshall loves science and she will lead all of our STEM activities (Science, technology, engineering and maths) within our school. She will be organising fun STEM Challenge activities for the whole school as well as continuing to run the STEM elements of Fantastic Friday using our Lego ‘We Do 2’ & Lego Mindstorm equipment and coding software to program the children’s amazing creations!

Mrs Marshall also loves ICT and has a degree in computing and will also be leading ICT in our school.

Mrs Marshall loves being outdoors and is hoping to develop Class 1’s garden area this year as well as building upon our Forest School to embed ‘Forest School & STEM learning’ across the school.   

Mrs Beattie is Class One’s Teaching Assistant. Mrs Beattie loves to read and is very passionate about reading and outdoor learning (she loves to go for walks in the Countryside with her family and dog at the weekend) and loves to transfer these passions into the classroom! Mrs Beattie also loves to bake (especially cookies!)

Beech Class have a lovely learning environment, alongside their classroom they have a conservatory and outdoor space.

Mrs Marshall is the subject leader for STEM, Science and ICT.

Mrs Beattie is Class One’s Teaching Assistant.

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